Hygienic Walling creates a hygienic environment ensuring protection and functionality.  It is a cost effective and stylish wall protection solution suitable for use in a wide variety of environments including Commercial Kitchens, Sports & Leisure, Swimming Pools, Spa’s, Healthcare, Animal Welfare, Operating Theatres, Laboratories, Education, Manufacturing and more.

Available in a wide range of colours it is easy to clean, durable, impact resistant, heat resistant and with Antimicrobial qualities will prevent surfaces from harboring bacteria – it really is a great alternative to tiles.

Commercial Kitchens

With its smooth, non porous surface that is easy to wipe clean hygienic walling enables you to maintain high cleanliness and hygiene standards within this demanding environment.

Washrooms & Shower Rooms

Non porous, water resistant, grout free and easy clean.

Sports & Leisure Facilities

Impact-resistant with a clean fresh look that is durable and easy to keep clean.


Impact resistant, heat resistant and easy to clean. Available in a range of colours to brighten and enhance spaces.


Enhanced hygienic protection, watertight, spills and splashes can be easily cleaned.

Digital Printing/Bespoke Design

The choice is yours! High quality images can be digitally printed onto hygienic wall cladding to create your bespoke vision.

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